Thursday, August 5, 2021

Boundary Breaker

Grey Metallic Nails

Heavy metal overload...charcoal metallic shimmer polish, chrome powder, and metal accents. It may sound like a lot, but the mono-"chrome" (see what I did there) color pallet makes it a cool, cohesive look.

Even though this heat isn't a very good indication...fall is just around the corner. I was lucky enough to receive the new Breakout Beauty Fall 2021 collection from Artistic Nail Design, and I'm loving these shades. Fall nails are one of my favorites. I love the mauves and the deep earthy tones, and this collection has everything and more.  

Polish Used:

  • Artistic Colour Revolution - Boundary Breaker
  • Base coat
  • No-wipe gel top coat
Other Supplies:
  • Silver chrome powder
  • Metal chrome accents
  • UV/LED lamp

Metallic shimmer polish really "shines" alone, so I didn't want to cover it up. To create this look:
  • Apply Boundary Breaker.
  • Apply a no-wipe gel top coat to the pinky and cure. Use a sponge brush to rub silver chrome powder over the entire nail. Apply another layer of top coat and cure.
  • Apply metal chrome accents to the middle, ring finger, and thumb. Working one nail at a time, apply a no-wipe gel top coat. BEFORE curing, place the metal accents in the desired position, and then cure. Apply another layer of top coat to really secure everything, and cure.
    Grey Metallic Nails

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