Tips and Tricks

Here are some random tips and tricks I've come across in my nail art journey.  I'll post more as I think of them.

  1. Wear elastic pants before starting!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ruined my nails buttoning or zipping my pants if I happen to need a bathroom break before finishing a design.
  2. Clean your nails with some acetone (nail polish remover) before you start painting.  This will remove any of the oils from your nails, and help prevent chipping since the polish can better adhere to your nails.
  3.  Always use a base coat…unless you like yellow stained nails, then by all means, skip it.

  1. Nails are like vampires…they don’t need to “breathe” because they are already dead.  So paint away!
  2. Need to take off your polish from one nail or one hand and don’t want to mess up the rest?  Hold the acetone soaked cotton ball with a pair of tweezers and rub over your nail(s).

  1. Use old gift cards as scrapers.  The plastic won’t scratch your plates, when they get too dirty you can just toss them, and what else are you going to do with them anyway?
  2. Although most instructions will tell you to clean the plate before stamping each nail, I’ve found I can stamp multiple nails (if not all) before I need to clean it.  However, if you are a slow stamper using a quick dry polish, then you may need to clean more often.  I keep re-stamping until the image doesn’t transfer onto the rubber stamper well, and then I’ll clean it with nail polish remover.
  3. If you use Seche Vite top coat (haven’t tested other brands) before stamping, you can easily remove the stamped design if you mess up, i.e., the design is off-center or didn’t transfer completely.  You can either gently scrape it off (nail polish has to be completely dry), or pull the image off your nail with a piece of scotch tape.


  1. I have started to use gift cards as scrapers for my stamping, and it is working much better than the scraper than came with the stamp. THANKS! (Julie W.)

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