Lacquered Lawyer is a beauty blog about nail art. It features tutorials from beginner to more advanced nail art creations, utilizing various techniques, freehand painting, stamping, foil, tape, and 3D art (crystals, studs, fimo canes, etc.). And all designs are painted on my natural nails.

I decided to start a nail blog after receiving multiple requests to do so from the masses…aka my best friends. I’m an attorney (hence the blog title), but I love painting my nails in my free time.

Even though extravagant nail art boomed pretty recently in pop culture, I’ve been decorating my toes and nails like this for over 15 years.  Back when I started, there weren’t all the fun nail art tools and supplies that we have now. I used toothpicks to paint everything and made my own decals by cutting pictures and logos out of magazines and catalogs. I wish I had pictures of my old creations, but when I started, cellphones didn’t have cameras, the cameras we had required film, and taking pictures of things like nails wasn’t really a thing since Instagram didn’t exist. I was always known for my nails since I was the only one doing it. It was a passion that has grown into an obsession. I like to think it is a healthy obsession, but someone who sees my nail polish collection may beg to differ.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy my blog!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about nail art.  
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