January 31, 2015

Pearlescent Palm Trees

Pearlescent Palm Tree Nail Art

I've been wanting to try mixing my own polish for a while, so I finally gave it a shot and made this pearlescent polish (although its more like an iridescent top coat).  It reminded me of pearls, the ocean, and the beach, so I went with a palm tree look.

January 29, 2015

I Donut Care

Donut Nail Art

DONUTS!!!!  I could eat them everyday.  Although then I'd be shaped like one.  So I'll have to settle for donut nails...which still look delicious and make me want to eat donuts.  Ahhh!

January 24, 2015

Avengers Assemble

Avengers Nail Art

For the inaugural 2014 runDisney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland Resort, limited edition Avengers Dooney & Bourke bags and wristlets were released.  I was lucky enough to get a cute cross-body from my aunty for Christmas!  These nails are inspired by the purse.

January 23, 2015

Leopard Love

Leopard Nail Art

Leopard print may look tricky, but it is one of the easiest animal prints to paint.  The design doesn't have to be perfect, and the more imperfect and messy, the better.  And it looks great in any color!  I chose an apricot and gold look for a fab feminine look.

January 22, 2015

January 21, 2015


Lucifer Cinderella Nail Art

a.k.a. Rucifee (as Jaq pronounces it), is the devilish pet cat of Lady Tremaine, the evil step-mother.  While the evil step-mother is the true villain in Cinderella, she isn't a fun choice for nail art.  So, I decided to paint Lucifer instead for the eleventh look in my Disney series.

January 18, 2015

Snake In The Garden

Snake In The Garden Nail Art

This is of course a take on the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  When I first thought of this idea, I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I really like it.  The snake scales are just stamped, and then I freehanded the apple.

January 17, 2015

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Ursula Little Mermaid Nail Art

"Poor unfortunate souls.  In pain, in need."  Ursula is based on the "sea witch" character in Hans Christian Andersen's story The Little Mermaid.  In the Disney version, she's a purple skinned, octopus bodied, sorceress.  This is the TENTH look in my Disney series!  I'm glad it's a good one and turned out nicely.

January 16, 2015

Must Love Dogs

Dog Nail Art

Just a cute simple mani today.  I painted these nails because my parent's dog (whose Instagram account I run @gracie_the_boxerpit), was tagged to do a paw picture for #purinalendapaw.  You post a pic holding your pet's paw with that hashtag, and Purina will donate a bowl of food to a shelter. 

January 13, 2015

Birthday Swank

Black and Silver Birthday Nail Art

The special request for birthday themed nails was a two-look request...a bright birthday nail, which I did last time, and a chic black look.  For this look, I just kept a black and silver color scheme, with some stamping, glitter, and nail tape.

January 12, 2015

Mirror Mirror

Evil Queen Nail Art from Snow White

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall.  Who's the fairest of them all?"  I'm back to Snow White again for the ninth look in my Disney series.  I'm using one of the villain Beautifully Disney sets, so of course this look is the Evil Queen.

January 11, 2015

Black and White Botanicals

Black and White Flower Nail Art

I received another special request from a follower, for a simple black and white floral design, and nothing is simpler than flowers made with a dotting tool.  Don't have a dotting tool?  Don't worry.  A bobby pin works great too.

January 10, 2015

Lights In The Sky

Tangled Nail Art

The "lights in the sky" are what eventually give Rapunzel the courage to leave her tower.  Today's mani is pretty simple in terms of freehand painting.  Initially, I was going to do the whole lantern scene with Rapunzel and Flint in the boat, but it didn't look good, so I scraped it and started over.  Luckily, acrylic paint wipes off with some water.  I went with a single lantern instead for the eighth look in my Disney series.

January 09, 2015

Brilliant Blue Butterflies

Butterfly Nail Art

This is my first attempt at gradient stamping.  I need to mix the gradient a little better, but overall I like how it turned out.  Blue butterflies over a grey base color with a matte top coat make a more subdued wintery look, which is perfect for right now.

January 08, 2015

You Wish

Princess Jasmine Nail Art

Aladdin used his wishes to win the heart of Princess Jasmine.  For days now, the song, "Prince Ali," has been stuck in my head.  It is a very catchy tune.  But anyways...this is the seventh look in my Disney series.

January 05, 2015

Colors of the Wind

Pocahontas Nail Art

"Do you paint with all the colors of the wind?"  I do :)  The sixth nail design in my Disney series is Pocahontas.  I decided to paint Meeko, Pocahontas' raccoon, for a cute woodsy look.

January 03, 2015

Mixtape Mani

Music Nail Art

Remember when people would make mixtapes to give as gifts?  Now we just make digital playlists and don't really give them to anyone.  Sad.  Today I just did something really quick with some stamping and studs, as a throwback to the days of cassette tapes and vinyl records.  I still remember listening to my Four Seasons cassette tape.  I had different taste in music than most four year olds.

January 02, 2015

Part Of Your World

Little Mermaid Nail Art

"I've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.  I've got whozits and whatzits galore."  This song could be about my nail art collection, but it is from "Part of Your World," from The Little Mermaid.  Here is the fifth installment in my Disney series.

January 01, 2015

Just One Bite

Snow White Nail Art

My first post of 2015 is a Snow White nail, which was Disney's first full-length animated film.  This is the fourth look in my Disney series using the Beautifully Disney polish sets.
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