January 12, 2015

Mirror Mirror

Evil Queen Nail Art from Snow White

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall.  Who's the fairest of them all?"  I'm back to Snow White again for the ninth look in my Disney series.  I'm using one of the villain Beautifully Disney sets, so of course this look is the Evil Queen.

Beautifully Disney Nail Polish

The polish, Just One Bite (pictured third), is part of the Wickedly Beautiful set by Beautifully Disney.  The other Wickedly Beautiful set I had, had all the princess colors, so I guess this one is the villains.  I used the box as my inspiration for the Evil Queen and color scheme.

Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful - Just One Bite
  • Sinful Colors - Cream Pink
  • Wet n Wild - Black Crème
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Nail art brush
  • Makeup sponge

I decided to try painting with polish as opposed to acrylic paint for this one.  Polish and paint both have their pros and cons to me, although it could be that I just haven't completely mastered either one yet.  If you are paying really close attention to the photos, you'll notice that I first did the gradient with a grey polish instead of black.  I didn't like how it looked after I painted the Evil Queen on, so I used a makeup sponge to dab black over it. To create this look:
  1. Apply a pink base color.
    Pink Base Color
  2. Use a wet makeup sponge to create a pink and black gradient on all nails except the ring finger.  (As I mentioned, this is grey, but I went back over it with black later when I changed my mind).
    Gradient Nails
  3. Paint Just One Bite over the gradient nails.
    Glitter Nails
  4. Use a nail art brush and black polish to paint the Evil Queen. I dabbed a dot of pink polish for her iris.
    Evil Queen Nail Art
As you can see, the colors look much better in natural light than the lightbox I use for the pictorial pics.
Snow White Nails

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