January 21, 2015


Lucifer Cinderella Nail Art

a.k.a. Rucifee (as Jaq pronounces it), is the devilish pet cat of Lady Tremaine, the evil step-mother.  While the evil step-mother is the true villain in Cinderella, she isn't a fun choice for nail art.  So, I decided to paint Lucifer instead for the eleventh look in my Disney series.

The polish, Midnight Hour (pictured second), is from the Wickedly Beautiful set by Beautifully Disney.

Beautifully Disney Nail Polish

Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful - Midnight Hour
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Acrylic paint - black, white, yellow, red, pink, and green
  • Nail art brush

I used acrylic paint again for this one.  It dries faster, and colors can be mixed easily to make ones I don't have.  To create this look:
  1. Apply a red base color using Midnight Hour.
    Red Base Color
  2. Use black paint to paint Lucifer's ears and the top of his head.
    Lucifer Cinderella Nail Art
  3. Paint a pink round nose, and yellow eyes.  Mix a little black into some white paint to make a really light grey, and use that to paint Lucifer's muzzle.
    Lucifer Cinderella Nail Art
  4. Use black paint to add Lucifer's wicked smile (don't forget the tongue mark).  Add the finer details with a super fine brush - outlines of his pupils, marks on his nose, the line between his nose and mouth, and whisker marks.
    Lucifer Cinderella Nail Art
  5. Paint Lucifer's pupils green. For his mouth, add two white fangs, paint his tongue pink, and fill the rest of his mouth in with red.
    Lucifer Cinderella Nail Art
  6. Dot the center of his pupils with black, and add two white whiskers on each side of his face.
    Lucifer Cinderella Nail Art

Lucifer Cinderella Nails

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