September 29, 2016

Hipster Hues

 Hipster Hues Nails

I always forget how much I love nail stickers, until I use them again. They are so fast and easy, and are a great alternative to decals or stamping.

I received these hipster nail stickers from Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review. They are clear stickers with various black geometric/hipster designs. The stickers come in a nice assortment of sizes, but even the largest fits nicely across a nail without cutting. The stickers themselves are easy to peel and stick, and the adhesive is strong enough to prevent curling. As with most stickers, it is good to apply a few coats of top coat, since stickers tend to be on the thicker side, and the top coat can help even things out.

For these or other nail art supplies, use coupon code GHLQ10 for 10% off at Born Pretty Store.

Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Essie - Peak Show
  • Essie - Virgin Snow
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:

You can’t tell in the photos, but the gradient colors are actually a very pale pink and light blue. The pink got washed out in the photos, so it looks white (although that looks okay too). To create this look:
  1. Apply a light pink base color.
    Light Pink Base Color
  2. Use a wet makeup sponge to create a gradient with light pink and a light blue polish.
    Pink and Blue Gradient Nails
  3. Add stickers to each nails, and then seal on with top coat. Use tweezers to apply the stickers so you don't touch the adhesive too much. Tweezers also make it easier to position the stickers.
    Sticker Nails

Don’t forget to use coupon code GHLQ10 for 10% off!


  1. I like how neat/smooth the sticker looks. Do you have to wait until your polish is completely dry before applying the sticker? I still want to try making my own "sticker" by reverse stamping that you demonstrated in a prior post. It just appears difficult to handle a sticker before putting it on the nail and positioning it properly. Thanks for sharing!

    1. For the stickers in this design...yes...let the polish dry before applying. If you use tweezers, it is easier to position the stickers without touching the adhesive too much. For the reverse stamping "stickers," you can move it around a little when you first apply it to the wet polish. Just don't move it around too much or it will tear. Hope that helps!


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