October 17, 2019

Leopard Chase

BeneYOU has been doing these limited releases of Jamberry lacquer strips (which appears to be great marketing since they sell out in minutes), so I had to get in on some.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these leopard print strips are actually translucent. You notice it more on long nails since the white tips show through. I've tried other lacquer strips, but this is my first time trying the Jamberry ones. The simplicity of application is nice since no heat is required, and they are easier to fit to each nail since they are flexible. 

But, I'm not sure if I'm a lacquer strip convert yet. I feel like they didn't stay on as long as wraps (maybe I just didn't apply well), and I don't like that once you open the pack, there is a shelf life on the unused strips. Sure, I've read the tips that you can try and reseal the packaging to try and extend the time limit, but if you are a nail art junkie, that is not conducive to storage and still means you have to do another mani with the same pattern strips soon. I haven't repeated a nail design in years.

However, being able to remove the strips with nail polish remover is a bonus. Overall, I think if you need a quick mani on the go, these are pretty good.


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