September 16, 2015


Bambi Nail Art

Check out these Bambi nails inspired by +Sarah Elmaz...aka @getbuffednails on Instagram. 

@getbuffednailsInstead of a tutorial, I thought I'd shine a spotlight on one my of favorite nail artists.  Her painting is AMAZING!  And I especially love all of her Disney themed designs.  Here is a picture of the nail art I was inspired by (right).  Obviously her skills are far superior to mine, and I really need to find some smaller/thinner brushes.

If you haven't perused her Instagram account, you are seriously missing out.  In addition to the bevy of Disney nails, there are other cartoons, and pretty much everything she does is on point.  I love how each nail is different, but still in the same theme and the whole look just works together.  If you aren't following her, you need to.

And see that Disney vinyl I'm holding?  I just got a bag full of them, so expect a bunch of Disney nails to be coming down the pipeline.

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