May 10, 2018


Snake Skin Nails

Sparkly black, blue, and silver snake skin nails are slithering your way today.

These Color Street nail wraps are a little different than what you normally see on the market right now. The key difference being that these wraps are made with 100% nail polish, so they can be removed with nail polish remover. This avoids the dreaded nail peeling if you don't take off the other types of wraps properly (guilty).

These polish strips are also really easy to apply. I like that they are flexible, which means no creasing on my curved nails. But because there are 100% polish, they do dry out. This means you have to use them as soon as you open them. I'm not sure how long they last for purposes of using the unused parts and strips (you get 16 strips...but unless you have extra fingers, some are going to be left over). The drying process also appears to make the wraps shrink/recede a little, so be sure to apply them right up to your cuticles.

Right now the wraps are buy 3, get 1 free!

Polish Used:
  • Top coat
Other Supplies:
  • Color Street polish strips - Amazonia
  • 3mm silver nail tape
  • 1mm silver nail tape
  • Nail file

Wraps are great alone, or add to them to customize the look. To create this look:
  1. Apply the Amazonia polish strips. Simply peel, stick, and file off the excess.
    Snake Skin Nails
  2. Add a strip of 3mm and 1mm silver tape across each nail. The tape should be parallel to each other, and a little closer to the base of the nail as opposed to the center of the nail. The polish strips by themselves do not need top coat, but this will help keep the tape on.
    Snake Skin Nails

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