November 25, 2019

Merry Muave

Merry Muave Nails

Even a mauve mani can be mauve-lous with the right embellishments. 

The Disco Nights, Festive Lights Holiday 2019 collection by Artistic Nail Design has a range of colors from glitters, to nudes, to deep jewel tones. Give It A Whirl is a mauve nude creme, that will look great in any season. 

Mauve Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Artistic Colour Gloss - Give It A Whirl
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Nail foil adhesive
  • Holographic nail foil
  • Silver snowflake charm
  • Krazy glue

This mauve base color adds some sophistication to the nail design, for a more neutral holiday mani. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color with Give It A Whirl. I used two coats; curing in between the layers.
    Mauve Nail Polish
  2. Dry brush nail foil adhesive on each nail. Once tacky, rub nail foil on each nail until it adheres to the glue. When you peel off the backing, the foil should be in the dry brush pattern.
    Holographic Foil Nails
  3. Glue a snowflake charm on the middle finger. 
    Nude Winter Nails


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