April 21, 2020

Noir Cherry

Just some quick #Jamberry wraps today.

I was trying to give my nails a break since they literally broke (hence the now short nails). But they looked so boring, so I threw on some wraps that I haven't used.

  • Jamberry nail wraps - Noir Cherry
  • Jamberry nail wraps - Mirror Metallic Gold
  • Mini heater (or hair dryer)
  • Nail file
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers

Wraps are really fast and easy to apply, and there's no dry time! I added a gold chrome accent nail to spice it up.

Some nail wrap application tips:
  1. Always clean the nail surface before applying wraps. Oils on the nail surface will interfere with the adhesive and cause the wraps to peel off more quickly.
  2. Size matters. For nail wraps that is. If the wrap is too large and touches your skin, it will not stay on properly. Choose a size smaller, or trim the edges of a larger one before applying. Since the wraps come on a clear backing, you can hold them over your nail to help with picking the proper size.
  3. Rounded/curved nails can be tricky. Imagine trying to glue a sheet of paper on a basketball...it is not going to adhere to the surface smoothly...there will be bubbles and raised edges/humps. I cut the center of the hump in the wrap, then fold the sides down. It is not perfect, but the wrap is not going to stay on, or look good otherwise.
  4. Sealing the wraps on with a gel top coat serves two purposes. First, it helps them stay on longer since the wrap at the nail tips will not peel as easily. Second, it gives it a more "polished" finish so it looks more like nail polish and less like a wrap.

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