October 27, 2020

Halloween Hype

Halloween Nails

Halloween is almost here! 

I didn't get to do as many Halloween nails as I wanted to. 😞 I just got so busy, and then this is a weird Halloween with COVID. But I received a bunch of polishes and some Artistic Putty from Artistic Nail Design, so that gave me a little push to get a few more looks in before the month is over. I've never tried putty (polygel nail enhancement), but it was pretty easy to use. I used it to create a couple 3D elements on my Halloween mani, and it tuned out great.

Polish Used:

  • Artistic Colour Gloss - Juiced (orange shimmer)
  • Artistic Colour Gloss - Toxic (neon green)
  • Artistic Colour Gloss - I've Been Good-ish (purple glitter)
  • Artistic Colour Gloss - Swag (black)
  • Artistic Colour Gloss - Bride (white)
  • Artistic Colour Gloss - Secrets (glitter overlay)
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Artistic Putty - polygel nail enhancement (translucent clear)
  • Artistic Putty - polygel nail liquid (shaping liquid)
  • Putty Pro Tool
  • Dotting tool
  • UV/LED lamp
  • Nail art brush
  • Pearls
  • Black and orange rhinestones
  • Dark grey glitter

Halloween is the prefect time for an over-the-top mani. To create this look:
  1. Apply a gel base coat and cure.
  2. Use the Putty Pro Tool to add a dollop of polygel nail enhancement to the middle finger. Dampen the brush end with the shaping liquid and use the brush to shape the polygel over the entire nail. Use a dotting tool to create a jack-o-lantern, adding eyes, a mouth, and some creases to the pumpkin. Cure. Add a small and large ball of polygel to the index finger, and use the shaping liquid and the Putty Pro Tool to make the body of a spider, and cure again.
    3D Nails
  3. Paint the base colors on each nail - thumb in white, index in green, middle in orange, ring in purple, and pinky in black.
    Base Colors
  4. Use a nail art brush and black paint to fill in the eyes, mouth, and creases on the jack-o-lantern nail. Also paint the spider's body and add some legs.
    Halloween Nails
  5. Add some abstract brush strokes of black and glitter polish on the thumb.
  6. Add a coat of Secrets on the ring finger and add some pearls and orange and black rhinestones. Cure to set everything.
    Halloween Nails
  7. Apply a layer of no wipe gel top coat to the pinky, and sprinkle dark grey glitter over the entire nail. Cure, and then brush off the excess glitter with a nail art brush.
    Halloween Nails

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  1. Okay, that is one amazing manicure! I love that it is 3d too :-D <3


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