February 25, 2015

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Nail Art

These aren't officially part of my Disney series since I didn't use the Beautifully Disney polishes, but I was in a Disney mood and wanted to do some stamping.  The stamped designs are from the new Secret Garden stamping set by +Bundle Monster, and they work wonderfully with my Wonderland theme.

Alice in Wonderland Drawing
I took a break from nail art to do some regular art.  That's why I've been absent, in case you missed me.  :)  I drew this picture of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, painting some roses red.  I made the roses out of book pages and painted them with acrylic paint.  When I first got into drawing seriously, I pretty much only drew Disney stuff.  Then I moved on to Marvel comics...which is now also owned by Disney, so in a way I still draw Disney stuff.  But anyway, I felt like going back to my drawing roots and doing something Disney.  I'm trying to think of other things to make with book pages to incorporate into other Disney drawings.

I continued this Alice theme onto my nails.  Tomorrow's mani will be Alice as well.  As for today's look, the new Bundle Monster stamping plates fit perfectly with my Alice theme. The secret garden collection has some eclectic and whimsical designs that are very Wonderland in my opinion.

Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Vanity Flare
  • Revlon - Bubbly
  • Wet n Wild Fastdry - SaGreena the Teenage Witch
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Green With Envy
  • Wet n Wild - Black Crème
  • Wet n Wild - Red Red
  • Princessa Nail Color - Blue 7618
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Pacific Blue
  • Bundle Monster Stamping Lacquer - Angelic White
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Bundle Monster stamping plate - BM-718 (butterfly)
  • Bundle Monster stamping plate - BM-722 (berries)
  • Bundle Monster stamping plate - BM-723 (cat)
  • Bundle Monster stamping plate - BM-724 (bunny)
  • Rubber stamper
  • French tip stickers

The colors represent each character depicted in the stamping - pink/purple for the Cheshire Cat, greens for the Mad Hatter, red/black for the White Rabbit, and blues for the caterpillar.  To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - index in Bubbly, middle in Green with Envy, ring in Red Red, pinky in Pacific Blue, and the thumb white.
    Base Colors
  2. Use French tip stickers to create stripes on the nails.  Working one nail at a time, apply the stickers, then paint with polish, and remove the stickers.  Use Vanity Flare on the index, SaGreena the Teenage Witch on the middle, Black Crème on the ring, and a dark blue on the pinky.
    Striped Nails
  3. Use white stamping polish to stamp the designs on each nail - the cat (BM-723) on the index, berries (BM-722) on the middle, the bunny (BM-724) on the ring, and the butterfly (BM-718) on the pinky.  I left the thumb plain since there was so much going on with the other nails, but you could add some colorful studs or rhinestones to the base of the nail.
    Stamped Nails

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