January 26, 2017

Among The Stars

Among The Stars

Nail wraps are a quick and easy manicure, but sometimes it is fun to add a little more personalization. Adding nail tape and other embellishments is a fun way to still create a unique design to mass produced wraps.

Other Supplies:
  • Jamberry Nail Wrap - Among The Stars
  • Hair dryer or mini heater
  • Crystal nail file
  • 3mm silver nail tape
  • silver star stud
  • Krazy Glue

This is a really fun nail wrap. Although it is a little hard to see in the photograph, the background is sparkly, which is always fun. To create this look:
  1. Apply the Jamberry nail wraps, Among The Stars, according to instructions on the package.
     Among The Stars
  2. Add silver nail tape across the pinky and middle fingers, and glue a silver star stud on the base of the middle finger.
    Among The Stars

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