January 09, 2017

Casual Cacti

Casual Cacti Nail Art

With all this rain and flooding we have going on in Northern California right now, I could use some dry cactus weather and sunshine.

I received this cactus stamping plate from Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review. The plate has a mix of Egyptian designs and various cacti, so you can get a couple different looks out of this one plate. I mostly wanted this plate for the cacti because they are just so cite! I used a regular Konad rolling stamper as well as one of the clear stampers, and both worked for picking up the images.

For these or other nail art supplies, use coupon code GHLQ10 for 10% off at Born Pretty Store.

Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Lacey Lilac
  • Maybelline Color Show - Iced Queen
  • Wet n Wild - R-U-Free-2-Dance?
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Green Light
  • Maybelline Color Show - Tenacious Teal
  • Bundle Monster - Straight Up Black
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Born Pretty Store stamping plate - Y029
  • Stamper
  • Iridescent purple rhinestones

I chose purple as a fun contrast to the cacti, but a neutral base color could give it a more adobe look. Or pink would be fun too! To create this look:
  1. Apply a light purple base color.
    Purple Base Color
  2. Use a slightly darker purple polish to stamp the large triangle pattern on the ring finger.
    Triangle Nail
  3. Apply a few coats of purple glitter polish to the middle finger.
    Glitter Nail
  4. Use the reverse stamping method for the cacti. First, stamp in black polish, then color in the designs with two shades of green to create a shadowed look.
    Cactus Nails
  5. Add an iridescent purple rhinestone to the base of all the nails except the ring finger.
    Cactus Nail Art
Don't forget to use coupon code GHLQ10 for 10% off your entire purchase.

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