February 13, 2017

Acid Washed Angel

This acid washed effect is super easy to create with just a little piece of plastic wrap.

Still working my way through the Urban Distressed line of Artistic Nail Design's Spring 2017 Collection. Today's polish, Acid Washed Angel, is a pale pink creme. Like all the polishes in this line, it is slightly iridescent. It isn't super shimmery, but it adds just a little something extra.

Polish Used:
Other Supplies:
  • Plastic wrap
  • Light blue rhinestones

The plastic wrap technique is also good for an easy marbled effect. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color using Acid Washed Angel.
    Pink Base Color
  2. Scrunch up a piece of plastic wrap, and use it to dab light and dark blue polish on each nail. It is helpful to dab the plastic wrap on a piece of paper before dabbing on the nails. This takes off some of the polish so it doesn't go on so thick.
    Plastic Wrap Nails
  3. Add a light blue rhinestone to the tip of each nail.
    Acid Washed Nails

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