February 05, 2017

Under The Overalls

Neutral Nail Art

Neutral nails contrast nicely with edgy accents. The contradictory statements simultaneously add flare to the nude polish, and tone down embellishments like spikes. Gold accents also bring out the warm hues.

Under The Overalls DuetAnother fun polish from the Spring 2017, Urban Distressed Collection by Artistic Nail Design. This iridescent nude is called Under The Overalls, and is part of a six piece collection based on urban couture. Under The Overalls is a great nude, with a purple iridescent sheen to it. Just that little bit of sparkle and some playfulness to this neutral polish.

All lacquers also come in soak-off gel, so you can get these amazing colors in whatever medium you prefer. So far I've only tried the lacquer, but it has great coverage, and I expect the gel to be the same.

Polish Used:
Other Supplies:

This is another fairly easy design with some stud and charm placement. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color using Under The Overalls.
    Neutral Nail Art
  2. Glue the gold charm on the ring finger, and add a gold triangle stud to the base of all other nails.
    Under The Overalls

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