February 07, 2017

Glammed Up Grunge

Glammed Up Grunge Nail Art

Flannel shirts are a grunge staple. But these are "Glammed Up Grunge" nails, so I added some leather and chain to "glam up" these plaid, grunge inspired nails. 

Glammed Up Grunge
Glammed Up Grunge is another one of the new polishes in the Urban Distressed Collection from Artistic Nail Design. This "peachy pink pearl" polish certainly adds some glam to grunge. The pearlescent finish adds just the right amount of shimmer to the polish, for a subtle iridescent look. This makes this the perfect polish for going from the office to a night out on the town.

Polish Used:
  • Artistic Colour Revolution - Glammed Up Grundge
  • Bundle Monster stamping lacquer - Straight Up Black
  • Pretty Woman - leather kit
Other Supplies:
  • Born Pretty Store - stamping plate - QA96 (plaid)
  • Gold metal chain
  • Gold star stud
  • Gold chain
  • Krazy Glue

If you've never used chain before, it can be a little tricky to place. It tends to get a little twisted as you're laying it down, but once on, it looks pretty amazing. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - pinky in black (I used a leather textured polish), the rest in Glammed Up Grunge.
    Base Colors
  2. Using black stamping polish, stamp a plaid design on the middle and ring fingers.
    Plaid Nails
  3. Glue a gold star stud to the base of the pinky, and glue gold chain along one side of the index finger.
    Glammed Up Grunge Nail Art

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