March 28, 2017

Man Eater

Man Eater Nail Art

Man Eater is the perfect name for this polish. It is very alluring and sweet in its mauve/warm temperature form, but turns a viciously dark purple when cold.

Nail PolishThermal or chameleon gels are my favorite type of gels! It’s like getting two manis in one – one color for the warm temperatures and one for the cold. It is actually more than two looks because the in-between temperature is a nice gradient look. Man Eater by Madam Glam is a dark mauve when warm, and a dark purple when cold.  My nails have been mostly mauve since the weather has been warmer, but the mauve is a great color and perfect for the office. As with all gels, it has that chip free lasting power. This is a soak-off gel, so it is extra sturdy. I’m trying one of those peel off gel base coats, and so far, it has help up pretty well.

Polish Used:
  • Madam Glam Chameleon Gel – Man Eater
  • Gel base and top coats
Other Supplies:

This design uses gold foil, but not the film kind that you have to apply with glue. It is just really thin foil you can stick on the wet polish (link above to see what it looks like). To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color using Man Eater. I did three thin coats for full coverage (curing between each coat). Gels can get lumpy, so thin coats are best.
    Mauve Base Color
  2. Apply a gel top coat, and before curing, place pieces of gold foil along the right side of each nail. Cure, and then apply another layer of top coat and cure again.
    Gold Foil Nails

    Warm Temperature
    Cold Temperature

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