June 03, 2017

Red Your Profile

Not all gels and polishes are created equal. I am definitely a fan of Sensational's Express Gel One Step Polish. 

I've tried their polish to gel converter, but this is the first time I've tried their Express Gel line. They were nice enough to send me Red Your Profile to test out, and I LOVE it! First, I love that it is a one-step gel, so there is no base coat and no top coat. Second, there is no tacky finish - just paint, cure, and go. Third, it goes on thinner and more smoothly than other gels I've used, so you don't have to worry about an uneven finish or pooling.

The names are so cute for all the colors, I just want to buy them all! Some of my favs are "Don't Even Pink About It," "Never Stop Wine-ing," and "Papa Don't Peach." I love creative and cute names.

Painting nail art with regular polish over gels is perfect because you can just remove the art later with acetone, and the bright red gel remains. I'll be posted an updated look to this soon.

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