October 10, 2018

Holo-ed Halloween

Holo-ed Halloween Nails

Nails as red as blood, bats as black as night, this holo-ed mani is sure to cause a fright!

I received this fast dry, no-wipe gel top coat from Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review, and I think this just became my new favorite top coat. True to its name, it dries FAST! And it's no wipe, so you don't have to deal with gel cleaners. It has a smooth glossy finish that you'd want from any top coat.

Gel Top Coat

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Polish Used:
  • Essie - Altitude Attitude
  • Born Pretty Store - black stamping polish
  • Fast dry top coat
Other Supplies:
  • Lina stamping plate - Spooklicious! 01 (bats)
  • Born Pretty Store stamping plate - QA96 (plaid)
  • Stamper
  • Eyeshadow sponge brush
  • Bundle Monster holo powder - Hella Holo

The holo gradient is easier to achieve than you would think, and can be done with any color. However, a black base color always has the strongest holo effect. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - pinky and thumb in black, and the rest in red.
    Base Colors
  2. Working one nail at a time, apply a layer of top coat to the pinky and thumb, cure, and use an eyeshadow sponge brush to apply holo powder to the entire nail. For the index and ring fingers, apply a layer of top coat, cure, apply holo powder to the tips, and blend towards the base to create the gradient.
    Holo Nails
  3. Use black polish to stamp bats on the index and middle fingers, and plaid on the ring finger.
    Bat Stamped Nails

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