October 17, 2018

Noir Nightmare

Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

The Pumpkin King is back in town and creepin' it real.

Polish Used:
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Black to Black
  • Base and top coats
  • Matte top coat
Other Supplies:
  • Acrylic paint - black and white
  • Nail art brush

This is all freehand, so the mani is going to vary by skill. To create this look:
  1. Apply a black base color.
    Black Base Color
  2. Apply a layer of matte top coat, as this will keep the acrylic paint from beading.
  3. Water down grey paint (mix a little black with some white paint), and dab on each nail for a foggy effect. Keep dabbing and layering to your liking.
    Fog Nails
  4. Use black paint and a fine nail art brush to paint the graveyard scenery on each nail except the middle.
    Nightmare Graveyard Nails
  5. Use white paint to add highlights.
    Graveyard Nails
  6. Paint Jack Skellington's head on the middle finger.
    • Paint a white head and neck.
    • Use black to add the facial details. Start with the eyes, then the nose, and then the mouth. Add the eyebrows and shading last.
    • Use white to paint the outline of his bat necktie, and fill in with black.
      Jack Skellington Nail
  7. Apply a layer of clear top coat to even out the surface, then apply a layer of matte top coat.

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