March 12, 2020

Maddening Magenta

Pink Geometric Nail Art

Still going with these lacquer strips...

Polish Used:
  • Artistic Colour Gloss - You Grow Girl!
  • Artistic Correction Gel
  • Gel base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Jamberry lacquer strips - Ry-Guy
  • UV/LED lamp
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers

The black geometric strips of Ry-Guy look great with every color. I used small pieces of the strips on the previous mani, but I had to do full coverage with this amazing pink. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - ring finger with the Correction Gel, and the rest in You Grow Girl! Then cure with an UV/LED lamp.
  2. Paint a pink heart on the tip of the ring finger. The brush on the polish is perfect for creating the humps on the top of the heart, but you can also use a nail art brush.
  3. Apply Ry-Guy on all the pink nails. Cut the top of the heart on one of the strips, then apply over the pink heart and file off the excess on the tip. Seal everything with gel top coat.

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