March 22, 2020

Mood Magic

Mood Magic

Thermal polishes are always cool, but this is just like those old mood rings we had as kids. I don't know about you...but mine was always black. 😑

Polish Used:
  • Sally Hansen - Black To Black
  • No-wipe gel top coat
  • Gel base coat
Other Supplies:
  • Born Pretty Store Colorful Thermal Sensitive Liquid
  • Nail art brush
  • UV/LED lamp
  • Soapy water

I added gel bubble texturing under the mood-changing color to add some design to the nail, but this can be done on smooth nails as well. To create this look:
  1. Apply a black base color.
    Black Nails
  2. Working one nail at a time, apply a layer of no-wipe gel top coat. BEFORE curing, cover the nail with soap bubbles, then cure and rinse off the soap.
    Bubble Gel Nails
  3. Use a nail art brush to apply the colorful thermal sensitive liquid and let it dry.
    Thermal Liquid
  4. As it dries, it will change from tan to the thermal coloring.
    Mood Changing Nails
  5. Apply another layer of gel top coat and cure.


  1. Yup this sure does look amazing <3

  2. I love it, it is amazing I wish I had the time and patience to try it.


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