March 15, 2015

Sea Glass Serenity

Sea Glass Serenity Nail Art

Foil is a quick and simple way to add some pizzazz to a mani. Inspired by sea glass, I chose a mint/aqua base color, added some silver foil, and topped it off with a matte top coat.
Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Charming Charlie - Mint-4 Each Other
  • Matte top coat
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Silver foil
  • Foil glue
  • Foil sealant
  • Silver square studs (for optional embellishment)

I chose the matte top coat since sea glass is dull, but you can also leave it shiny, or add embellishments as I did below.  To create this look:
  1. Apply a base color using Mint-4 Each Other.
    Green Base Color
  2. Add silver foil.  Just add the foil glue to each nail with a random pattern.
    Silver Foil Nails
  3. After sealing everything on with top coat, apply a layer of matte top coat.
    Matte Nails

If you need embellishments, (and who doesn't) here is a option.  Add silver square studs to the base of each nail and seal on with top coat.
Sea Glass Serenity Nails

Sea Glass Serenity


  1. This nail art really makes me want to try out some foil! :)

    1. Thanks! Foil can be really fun, and it is so easy.


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