Monday, August 31, 2015

Music Maniac

Music Nail Art

I was asked by Cut Out + Keep to participate in their Makeover Monday.  I created a tutorial for one of Miley Cyrus' nails, and then created a second tutorial for a design I would do for her as a makeover (posted here).  See the full article and my other tutorial for Makeover Monday.

Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Tokyo Pearl
  • Bundle Monster Stamping Lacquer - Black Noir
  • Maybelline Color Show Brocades - Black in Mirror
  • Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • Bundle Monster stamping plate - BM-XL132 (cassette tapes)
  • hēhē stamping plate - 026 (lines)
  • Rubber stamper
  • Bundle Monster circle nail vinyl
  • Pearls, studs, and spikes
  • Krazy Glue

This look is fairly easy if you have basic stamping skills.  To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - thumb in Secret Admirer, index in black, middle and ring in Tokyo Pearl, and pinky in Black in Mirrors. The pearlescent white is a little opaque, so you might want to paint plain white under it first so you don't have to layer on a ton.
    Base Colors
  2. Use a round nail vinyl to paint a moon on the index finger. Place the vinyl towards the base of the nail, and then paint the top portion with Tokyo Pearl. Again, it is helpful to paint a layer of plain white first. If you do, let the white dry completely with the vinyl still on the nail, then paint with Tokyo Pearl, and immediately remove the vinyl.
    Black and White Nail
  3. Use black stamping polish to stamp over the index and middle fingers. On the index, use a crisscross pattern (hehe 026), then the cassette tapes (BM-XL132) on the middle finger.
    Stamped Nails
  4. Add two large round gunmetal studs to the base of the thumb, and a large round black stud to the base of the pinky.
    Stud Nails
  5. Use crazy glue to cover the entire ring finger with a mix of gunmetal colored spikes and studs, black studs, and pearls.
    Pearl and Spike Nail

Music Nails

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