November 08, 2015

Dead Inside

Walking Dead Nails

I know Halloween is over, but as far as I'm concerned, zombie nails are always fair game.  Especially when The Walking Dead is still on tv! 

Splatter StudsI received these blood splatter studs form LadyQueen in exchange for an honest review.  The studs also come with other colors splattered on them, but I really like the red since it looks like blood splatter.  I also like that the splatter is natural.  Each stud is different, with different levels of paint, so some studs are all red with darker red splatter, while some are still white with red splatter.  The studs are about 5mm in size and you get 20 of them!  These are definitely a fun alternative to solid colored studs and I highly recommend them.

For these or other nail art supplies, use coupon code ASXX15 for 15% off your entire purchase.

Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Wet n Wild - French White Creme
  • Sinful Colors - Ruby Ruby
  • Sinful Colors - Rich in Heart
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:
  • UberChic Beauty stamping plate - Zombie Love
  • Rubber stamper
  • Straight nail vinyl
  • Blood splatter nail stud
  • Makeup sponge
  • Straw

I don't usually use any of the latex skin protectors or anything, but for splatter nails, it might be worth using.  It was a pain cleaning up the mess.  To create this look:

  1. Apply a white base color.
    White Base Color
  2. Use a makeup sponge to dab on red polish.
    Sponge Blood
  3. Use a straw to create blood splatter.  Dip one end of the straw into the polish bottle, then blow over the nail.  Be sure to have a piece of paper under your hand unless you want polish everywhere.
    Blood Splatter Nails
  4. Stamp the zombie designs using Rich in Heart - Rick's silhouette on the middle, and "Dead Inside" on the ring finger.
    The Walking Dead Stamped Nails
  5. Create a diagonal section of white to the index and pinky, using white polish and a nail vinyl or striping tape.
    White Sections
  6. Add a blood splatter stud to the base of the index and pinky.
    Stud Nails

Don't forget to use coupon code ASXX15 for 15% off your LadyQueen order.

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