March 26, 2016

Natural Native

Indian Nail Art

I'm always a fan of the Aztez or Native American design.  Hand-painting the intricate designs can be difficult, and stamping often leaves you with single color designs.  You can use decals, or try these amazing stickers!


Who doesn't love nail stickers?  I received these Indian nail stickers from Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review.  If you've never tried nail stickers before, they are kind of amazing.  They are like water decals, but no water necessary!  Just peel and stick - so much faster, easier, and cleaner.  The stickers are on a clear backing, so you can use them over any color polish.  You will need to use a few layers of top coat to smooth things out.  The stickers are a little thicker than water transfer decals, so you will need to press them on firmly so make sure all the edges are down, and seal on with top coat.

For these or other nail art supplies, use coupon code GHLQ10 for 10% off at Born Pretty Store.

Polish Used:
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Express Way
  • Base and top coat
Other Supplies:

I went with a neutral base color for this design, but these stickers would look great over a white base color, or even an aqua or coral.  To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color with Express Way.
    Base Color
  2. Add the stickers to each nail using tweezers to peel and place them - they are easier to handle this way, and it keeps the adhesive from losing its stickiness from your fingers.
    Sticker Nails
  3. Add gold round studs around the stickers for further embellishments.
    Stud Nails
Don't forget to use coupon code GHLQ10 for 10% off!

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