October 02, 2014

Candy Candy Candy

Candy Nail Art

I love Easter and Halloween.  Why?  All the candy of course!  I LOVE candy.  Sometimes I wish that I didn't love it so much because then I'd have smaller muffin tops, or at least dieting would be easier.  But alas...nothing but caffeine and sugar runs through my veins. 

My second mani for today is for the #BundleMonster #MonsterScream challenge - 30 days of designs to win the new collection of stamping plates.  While these challenges are going on, I'll have to post twice some days.  The theme for today is "candy."  You would normally think of candy corn, but part of the challenge is to use at least one +Bundle Monster product.  Here, I used Bundle Monster's stamping plate for the lollipops and resin lollipop cabochon.  

Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Maybelline Color Show - Pink Embrace
  • Sinful Colors - Cream Pink
Other Supplies:
  • Glitter - Bubble Gum
  • Bundle Monster stamping plate - BM02 (lollipops)
  • Resin lollipop cabochon
  • Krazy Glue
  • Base and top coats

This is another simple mani if you know how to stamp.  To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - middle finger in Cream Pink, everything else in Pink Embrace.
    Base Colors
  2. Stamp the lollipops from BM02 onto the index and pinky using Cream Pink.
    Stamped Nails
  3. Add a coat of clear top coat to the middle finger, then sprinkle with glitter.  Dab the glitter down so it lays flat, then coat with top coat a couple times.
    Glitter Nail
  4. Glue a resin lollipop cabochon to the ring finger.
    Cabochon Nail

Lollipop Nails

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