October 04, 2014

Fall Into The Gap

Gap Nail Art

The first Gap store opened in 1969.  Gap, Inc. founders, Don and Doris Fisher, wanted to make it easy to buy a pair of jeans.  Since it all started with denim, my tribute to Gap is this denim print nail design.

Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Ulta - Soho Skinny
  • Sinful Shine - Blue Suede Shoes
  • Bundle Monster Stamping Lacquer - Liquid Gold
Other Supplies:
  • Nail art brush
  • Makeup sponge
  • 3mm gold round studs
  • Matte top coat
  • Base and top coats

This design is pretty simple.  The hardest part is the lettering of the Gap logo, but if you are just doing plain denim nails, then that isn't a problem.  Originally I was going to try and use a piece of denim to "sponge" on the texture, but it wasn't transfering well, so I opted for a makeup sponge instead.  To create this look:
  1. Apply a base color is Soho Skinny.  This is from the "Denim" set at Ulta, so it is the prefect color for the denim nails.
    Blue Base Color
  2. Wet a makeup sponge, then use it to dab on Blue Suede Shoes.  The first couple of dabs will be polish heavy, so dab the sponge on a piece of scrap paper first until the color lightens, then dab on each nail.
    Sponge Lighter Blue
  3. Use a fine detailing nail art brush and Liquid Gold to paint the stitching lines.  Create various patterns for pockets, side stitching, etc.
    Jean Stitching
  4. Add gold studs to represent the rivets, and seal them on with top coat.
    Gold Stud Jean Rivets
  5. Paint the Gap logo on the thumb with Liquid Gold.
    Gap Logo on Thumb
  6. Since jeans are not shiny (unless they are waxed), cover the design with a matte top coat.
    Matte Finish Design

Gap Nails

Here is what it looks like if you leave it shiny.  The colors are a little darker.
Gap Nail Art

Gap Nail Art


  1. This looks soo realistic! Its difficult to recreate a mani that looks like denim but you nailed it! Lol


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