June 25, 2014

Confetti Nail Art

Confetti Nail Art
For the month of June, Bundle Monster is having a 30-Day Nail Art Challenge to celebrate their 5th birthday.  Each day is some sort of birthday/celebration type theme.  I was a little late getting in on the challenge, so I missed the first week, but I couldn't wait to participate in the remaining challenges.  Day 11 of the challenge is "Confetti."

Maybelline Color Show Pink Shock, Kleancolor Tangy Lemon, and OPI Rainbow Connection.
Polish Used:
  • Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer - Pink Shock
  • KLEANCOLOR Glitter Matte Nail Lacquer - Tangy Lemon
  • OPI Muppets Collection Nail Lacquer - Rainbow Connection
Other Supplies:

I always start my manis with a base coat to protect my nails from staining.  The only time you should have yellow nails is when they have yellow polish on them.  Yellow-stained naked nails...no bueno.  I use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Regular Nail Enamel.  It is a nail hardener, so it also helps prevent brittle nails which can be a problem in the summer when going in and out of air conditioned rooms or spending lots of time in the pool.  Here's how to create this look:
  1. Apply a base color.  I'm using Pink Shock by Maybelline. It is a thinner polish, so it can take 3-5 coats to get the desired opacity.  It also depends how much polish you use with each swipe.
  2. To add some glitter, swipe a couple coats of Rainbow Connection and Tangy Lemon.  The number of coats depends on how much glitter you want on the nail.  Rainbow Connection has a lot of rainbow glitter (surprise surpise), in various sizes.  I painted that on first so Tangy Lemon could stand out a little more.  That polish just has matte yellow glitter.
  3. IMMEDIATELY after, while the polish is still wet, place the confetti Nail Art Glitter on your nails in various patterns.  Placing the confetti on wet polish eliminates the need for glue.
  4. Using a lot of top coat seals the 3D elements into place.  I use Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat.  I've ruined many nails by smudging them after all my hard work, so a quick dry top coat can help prevent this.  That doesn't mean you can go digging in the dirt or do anything that rubs your nails too much, but it is better than having tacky nails.

If you got any polish on your skin, use a nail brush (or q-tip) dipped in acetone to clean up around the edges.  Just be sure not to use too much acetone that it pools in the creases of your nail and washes away your design. 

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