June 26, 2014

Starry Celebration

Star Nails

Day 19 of the Bundle Monster Challenge is "Celebrations."  It was hard to think of something to represent this theme that hadn't already been part of the challenge.  I decided to do a stars/shooting stars/fireworks type thing.

I've been dying to try out some sheer polish looks, but I'm trying not to spend too much money on nail polish while I'm unemployed.  So, my lust for the Sally Hansen Jelly polishes or the OPI sheer polishes will have wait.  I do have the Big Smoky Top Coat by Sally Hansen, so I'm using it as a sheer black polish instead.
Polish and star studs
Polish Used:
Other Supplies:
To create this design:
  1. Apply a base color.  I'm using the Smokey Top Coat as a base instead of a top coat.  Coat each nail in two smooth swipes.  It helps to have lots of polish on the brush.  Too many swipes thickens the polish making darker streaks.  I had to redo a couple nails because of this.
  2. Using black polish, paint the tips of the nails like a French tip.
  3. Next, use different color paint pens to draw random stripes, curving from the tip to the middle of the nail.
  4. To adhere the stars, paint a coat of clear top coat, and place the star studs (one gold and one silver) on each nail while the polish was wet.  I only put one star on the pinky since there wasn't enough room for two.  If you have longer nails then it would probably fit.  And then added LOTS of layers of top coat to make sure the stars would fall off.
  • Because the stars are flat, if you put them on your nail as is, the points of the star will be lifted off of the nail.  If you bend the stars a little, either by squeezing or pushing it on a hard corner of a table or something, then it will form to the nail better.

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