June 26, 2014

Ice Cream Nails

Ice Cream Nails

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  One of the many things I love about summer...ice cream!  There is nothing like a cold, delicious treat to cool you off on those hot summer days.  Lately I've been crazy about making my own ice cream too.  I have this ancient ice cream maker that my uncle gave me when I was little.  At least it is electric so I don't have to crank, but it is super loud!  So far I've made a strong coffee ice cream, and the last one I made was strawberry with marshmallows, shortbread cookies, and caramel swirls.  Yum!  Next, I think I'm going to try to make a tropical flavored sherbet. 

Day 21 of the Bundle Monster Challenge is "Ice Cream."  Since it is summer, I've seen a lot of ice cream manis being posted on Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, everywhere.  Ice cream nailspiration isn't hard to find right now.  I've been dabbling with painting with acrylic paint on my nails.  The paint is easier to control and dries a lot faster, so layering paint for designs isn't such a tedious process.  Here is my take on ice cream nails using primarily acrylic paint.

Dotting tools and polish

Polish Used:
  • Ulta - On Taupe of the World
Other Supplies:
Here's how to create this look:
  1. Apply a base color.  I'm using On Taupe of the World from Ulta.  It is a nice light brown hue for the cone. 
  2. Paint the waffle cone.  Using a light brown acrylic paint, paint the crisscross pattern of the waffle cone.  You don't have to go all the way to the top of the nail since that is going to be covered.  Using a darker brown, repeat the process next to the lighter brown line to help create depth.  You can also just use one color line as opposed to the double line if you prefer.
  3. For the ice cream, paint the bottom edge to look like the ice cream is dripping, and then paint in the top portion of the nail.
  4. Using a dotting tool with some red paint, add a cherry to each nail, and then get creative painting sprinkles and various toppings on the ice cream.  I added a white line on the side of the cherry to look like a highlight marking.

Now I want to eat some ice cream!

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