December 05, 2014

Arizona Wildcats

Arizona Wildcats Nail Art

I know I promised holiday nails, but today, Arizona plays Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship Game.  As a proud U of A alum, I had to paint some red and blue nails to show some school spirit.  Go wildcats!!!

This year's football uniforms have a red/blue ombre sleeve, so I started with that for my inspiration.  Glitter is always a necessity, so I decided to do a glitter ombre/gradient as well.  They probably make University of Arizona nail decals, but sadly I do not have any.  I cut the "A" out of an old basketball program and sealed it on my nail with top coat.

Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Wet n Wild - Red Red
  • Ulta - Moody Blues
  • Julep - America
  • Sally Hansen - White On
  • L.A. Girls Glitter Addict - Celebrate
Other Supplies:
  • 2mm red round studs
  • "A" decal or clipping
  • Blue loose glitter (can also use glitter polish if you have it)
  • Nail art brush
  • Makeup sponge
  • Base and top coats

Not a U of A fan?  This design can be used for any school if you change the colors and logo.  To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - thumb in White On, index in America, middle in Moody Blues, and ring and pinky in Red Red.
    Base Colors
  2. Apply clear coat to the index finger, then use a nail brush and loose blue glitter to create a gradient on the tip.  If you have a nice blue glitter polish, you can use that instead.  If you are using loose glitter, dab the glitter a couple times with your finger to get some of the excess off, then coat with top coat.  Make sure there is a lot of top coat on the brush so the brush won't drag in the glitter.  IMPORTANT: Before dipping the brush back in the bottle, wipe it on a piece of paper so you aren't adding glitter to your clear top coat.
    Glitter Gradient Nail
  3. Add 2mm red round studs to the middle finger and seal on with top coat.
    Stud Nail
  4. Apply an "A" decal or clipping to the ring finger.  If using a clipping, be sure to make the paper rounded by bending it a little.  That way it will form to the shape of the nail better and won't stick up around the edges.
    Arizona "A" Nail
  5. Use a wet makeup sponge to create a red/blue gradient on the pinky with Red Red and Moody Blues.
    Red Blue Gradient Nail
  6. Apply a coat of Celebrate to the thumb.  This polish has a mix of red and blue glitter, so it is perfect for the theme.
    Glitter Thumb

Enjoy the game!  Bear Down!!!

University of Arizona Nail Art

Arizona Wildcats Nails


  1. Saw this on stylegawker and had to click-moved to the midwest for grad school but am a U of A alum as well-bear down!! Great site :)

    1. Thanks! I'm sad about how the game went the other night, but I will always love U of A. Out of all the schools I've been to, that was my favorite.


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