December 31, 2014

Stroke of Midnight

Cinderella Nail Art

Today is New Year's Eve, but I can still make a Disney mani work.  The third look in my Disney series is Cinderella.  Like New Year's Eve, Cinderella's fun and magic ends at midnight.

Cinderella's polish, Off To The Ball, is from the Wickedly Beautiful set of the Beautifully Disney polishes.

Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful Set

Cinderella Nail Polish
Cinderella is all about the glass slipper, and wouldn't you know...that is what is on the top of the nail polish bottle.  So the feature nail of course had to be the glass slipper.  I decided to do a vertical gradient on the sides of the glass slipper nail to emulate the movie poster for the new live action Cinderella film.  There are some stamped fireworks since it is also my New Year's Eve look.  And of course it needed some sparkle and bling.
Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful set - Off To The Ball
  • Bundle Monster Stamping Lacquer - Iced Silver
  • Ulta - Frosted
  • Ulta - Moody Blues
  • Base and top coats
Other Supplies:

This is another left hand painted look.  It turned out okay, but not as nice as I would have liked.  I may have to do my Disney looks on my left hand only so I can paint them with my right, and then do stamping and other stuff on my right.  We'll see.  But to create this look:
  1. Apply a blue base color with Off To The Ball.
    Blue Base Color
  2. Paint the glass slipper on the middle finger.  Start by creating vertical gradients on both sides of the nail with Moody Blues.  Using a nail art brush and white acrylic paint, paint the glass slipper.  Thin the paint so it appears transparent, and then paint the edges in solid paint.  Add some glitter from Frosted to the slipper to make it shimmer a little.
    Glass Slipper Nail
  3. Add rhinestones to the index and pinky.  Cover the entire index finger with small round iridescent rhinestones, and add a large oval rhinestone to the pinky.
    Rinestone Nails
  4. Stamp fireworks (BM-H14) on the ring finger and thumb using Iced Silver.
    Stamped Nail

Happy New Year everyone!
Cinderella Nails

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