August 26, 2017

Polish With A Purpose

Pink Dog Love Nails

Happy National Dog Day! Nail & Bone is excited to provide a "beauty opportunity" to make a socially conscious homeless and shelter pets a second chance at happiness

Twenty percent of every purchase from Nail & Bone is donated to shelter dogs in need. I recently binged the last EIGHT seasons of Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet (I can binge with the best of them). I used to watch that series when it first started, but then stopped for whatever reason. But anyway, I decided to watch it again from the beginning, and it is just sad how many animals are out there without homes. Shelters like Villalobos on Pit Bulls and Parolees, have some dogs that have been in the shelter for 10 years or more. Best Friends Animal Society, which is one of the organizations supported by Nail & Bone, has dogs that cannot be adopted and must live the remainder of their life at the shelter (like some of the Michael Vick dogs). These shelters need help, and anything you can do, even buying a bottle of nail polish, can make a difference.

Polish Used:
  • Nail & Bone - Toulouse
  • Nail & Bone - Cher
  • Wet n Wild - Ebony Hates Chris
Other Supplies:
  • Coffee straw
  • Nail art brush 

I usually reserve the splatter technique for a lot of my Halloween and blood manis, but these match the design of the Nail & Bone website. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color using Toulouse.
    Pale Pink Base Color
  2. Use a coffee straw to blow pink splatter designs on all nails except the ring finger. You want to make sure there is enough polish on the end of the straw, then blow firmly in short bursts.
    Pink Splatter Nails
  3. Use a nail art brush to paint the "LOVE" symbol on the ring finger, but use a paw print instead of the "O".
    Paw Print Love Nail
Working together, we can help shelter dogs find their new forever home.
Pink Dog Nail Art

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