August 20, 2017

Turquoise Traveler

Turquoise Traveler Nails

This is a really easy design, but I love the turquoise and gold combo (or pretty much any color paired with gold for that matter).

Jade Treasure is another fun gel polish I received from SensatioNail. From the polish name and the picture on the box, you would think the color would be more of a mint/jade, but it is actually more turquoise in my opinion. It is pretty bright, but I still like it...just not what I was expecting before I applied it. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, the small bottle and brush are perfect for smooth application. Gels are best applied in thin coats, so it took three coats to get full coverage. But since gels are dry as soon as they are cured, painting three coats doesn't take that much time.

Polish Used:
Other Supplies:
  • Gold metallic foil nail stickers - Festival
  • Tweezers

Nail stickers make this a really fast and easy design. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color using Jade Treasure.
    Turquoise Nails
  2. Use tweezers to apply gold triangles to the base of each nail. There are two sizes, so the smaller one can go on the pinky. Then just seal on with top coat.
    Gold Triangle Nails

    Turquoise Traveler Nail Art

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