August 15, 2017

Radiate My Love

Radiate My Love Nail Art

I know I held high praises for grey polish yesterday, but mauve is also a favorite nail color. 

Radiate My Love is a dusty rose creme by Artistic Nail Design from the Fall 2017 collection. I think I like mauves so much because they are like a grayish pink. This color is beautiful! I went on a job interview the other day, and just had my nails painted with this polish (no nail art), and the security guard oo'ed and aw'ed over them when I was checking in. That's always a good sign, when plain polish alone has people asking where I got my nails done.

As with Grease Monkey, Radiate My Love only takes two coats for full coverage - which is an amazing feat with a light neutral color. I have another interview today, so I'm sporting this color again.

Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Artistic Nail Design - Radiate My Love
  • Base and top coats
  • Gel top coat
Other Supplies:
  • Silver round studs

Using gel top coat when covering an entire nail with rhinestones or stud is helpful because it does not dry/harden until cured. This gives you ample time to place everything, and move the studs around to fit. To create this look:
  1. Apply the base color using Radiate Me Love.
    Pink Base Color
  2. Apply a layer of gel top coat to the ring finger, then cover entire nail with silver round studs. Finally, cure to set.
  3. Apply a layer of gel top coat to the middle finger, and place three round studs at the base of the nail, and cure to set.
    Radiate My Love Nails
I had another interview today, so I wore Radiate My Love again. After the interview, I added some holo tips with Bundle Monster's Holo Powder.

Pink Holo Nails

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