Charms & Cabochons

Mermaid Mirage
Not Your Sugar Mama
Be There In 10!
Summer Stunner
Shark Shakedown
This Is The Way
Indigo Incantation
Iris You Were Mine
The Pink In Her Cheeks
Merry Mauve
Hello Kitty
Glow Big Or Go Home
Electric Epcot
Gorgeous In Gossamer
Tulle Death Do Us Part
Multi-chromatic Mermaid
Rosy Romance
Bewitched Baroque
Wok & Roll Baby
Serving Up Sass
Spicy By Nature
Summer Sophistication
Noble Princess
Dance All Night
Alluring Amethyst
Gear To My Heart
Mother Of Invention
It’s Cool To Be Square
Bee Gucci
Mrs. Claws
Let’s Get Blitzin’d
Bah Humbug
This Girl Sleighs
Like, OMG
Valley Girl
Don't Break My Corazón
Perfectly Polished
Starfish Starlight
Under The Overalls
Stark Snow
Perfectly Plaid
Mr. Grinch
Yes, Your Majesty
Simply Sparkly
Breakfast Tiffany’s
Mean Reds
Crocodile Shoes
What’s This?
Passionate Plum
Bold Buttons
Midnight Marble
Sassy Sag
Wizard of Oz
Cat Cones
Coral Connection
No Boones About It
Be My Valentine
Pantone Petals
Ancient Egypt
Put A Ring On It
Be A Mermaid
Let It Snow
French Fido
Off With Your Head
Burgundy and Bows
All Hallows Eve
Boo-gie Down
Bat My Eyes
But of Corpse
Aztec Art Deco
New Age Swank
Pineapple Plantation
Bohemian Summer
Midas Kiss
Anchor Me
Feeling Fae
Wailea Waves
Disneyland 60th Anniversary
Shimmery Sea Scales
The Alice?
Strawberry Delight
Kiss Me
Queen of Hearts
Loveasaurus Rex
I Donut Care
Leopard Love
Party Pink
Christmas Noir
A Merry Mickey Christmas
We’re All Mad Here
I’m A Barbie Girl
Skulls and Spikes
Whoo’s There?
Candy Candy Candy
Ice Cream Treats
Dark Waters
Ice Cream Love
Bow Tie Affair - Part Two
Bow Tie Affair - Part One

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