Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mani Upcycle - Galaxy

Galaxy nai art

Ever get tired of your mani, but you don't have time or are too lazy to repaint it?  The answer - upcycle it!  To upcycle my galaxy nails, I added some stamping on top.

Initially, when I was doing the galaxy nails, I added more polish and glitter to lighten it, but it didn't turn out.  That's why these look different than what I posted the other day.  Luckily I had taken pictures before this point for that tutorial.
Galaxy nail art

I chose Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-402 because it kind of looks like a sun or solar system with the round orb and all the lines radiating out. 

Simply stamp the design using a white polish, here Bundle Monster Angelic White.
Galaxy nail art

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