August 31, 2014

Ice Cream Love

3D Ice Cream Nail Art

I bought a set of resin 3D nail art supplies from +Bundle Monster a few weeks ago, which includes cute little ice creams, cupcakes, candies, bows, and more.  Ice cream is a must for the summer, so I decided to do a cutesy ice cream design, using a color scheme based off of the resin ice cream bar.

Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Pixie Slicks
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Dive In
  • L.A. Girl Color Pop - Precious
Other Supplies:
  • Ice cream resin cabochon
  • Nail tape
  • Dotting tool
  • Nail art brush
  • Pink crystals
  • Krazy glue
  • Base and top coats

This design is fairly simple, and really cute.  The pictorial pics were taken at night, so the colors look a little off compared to the main pic above, but they still work for tutorial purposes.  To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors - thumb and pinky in Dive In, index and ring in Precious, and middle in Pixie Slicks.
    Base Colors
  2. Add stripes to the index finger.  Use nail tape to create diagonal lines, paint with Dive In, and immediately remove the tape.
    Striped Nail
  3. Using a dotting tool and Pixie Slicks, dot the ring finger.
    Dotted Nail
  4. Paint a heart on the pinky with a nail art brush and Pixie Slicks.
    Heart Nail
  5. Apply three pink crystals in a triangle pattern to the base of the thumb.
  6. Glue the ice cream bar onto the middle finger with Krazy glue. 

Here are my nails enjoying some C.R.E.A.M.  Ice cream is a must for the summer.  Snickerdoodle cookies + coffee ice cream = amazing.

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