Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Military Mani

Military Nail Art

I always love a good military look.  Military nails, jackets, accessories, I love it all.  For this mani, I chose an army green polish, and added some gold start stamping and studs.

Nail It! MagazineI originally created this mani for Memorial Day.  I decided to post it today because I received the new issue of Nail It! Magazine in the mail, and this mani made it onto page 64!  I'm pretty excited because this was the only look I submitted for this issue, and this is the second issue in a row that I've made it into.  My sushi nails made it into the last one.

If you want to submit designs for future issues, check out their website for more information.  Currently, they are accepting submissions with "Striping Tape," "Tweed," and "Snow," themes for the January/February 2015 issue.  They won't tell you if you are selected to be in the magazine.  You have to wait for the issue to come out, which makes it a fun surprise. 
Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • CQ - Golden Green
  • Orly - Luxe
Other Supplies:
  • Bundle Monster stamping plate BM05
  • Stamper
  • Gold metal star studs
  • Gold foil
  • ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever

For this mani, I wanted to see if it was possible to use a nail stamping plate to stamp glue, and then cover the design in foil.  It kind of worked, but I had to scrape some of the foil off for the inner line of the star.  Here's how to create the look:
  1. Apply a green base color.  I'm using Golden Green by CQ.  It is a army green color with a bit of a golden hue.
  2. Using Luxe, stamp the star from BM05 onto the middle and pinky finger.
  3. Place 3 gold metal star studs in a vertical line down the ring finger.  You can adjust more or less stars depending on the length of your nails.
  4. For the index finger, stamp the star from BM05 using glue, just as you would for polish.  Let the glue dry a little and get tacky.  Then apply gold foil.  If the inner line doesn't show up, use a toothpick to scrape the foil where it should be.


  1. I started to post here yesterday but lost it with a swip of the hand, lol. I love that you honer our military. You don't see people doing much when it comes to them. They should always be honered, they are the defender's of our free country. Thank you

    1. Thanks! My dad served in the Army, and I have a few friends currently in the military. It is a great thing that our soldiers do.


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