August 11, 2014

McDonald's I'm Lovin' It

McDonald's Nail Art

McDonald's is probably my favorite fast food.  I usually only order one of three things: (1) the Big Mac Combo, (2) the 10-piece McNugget Combo, or (3) an Oreo McFlurry or Cone with Fries.  After painting the pizza nail for the Ninja Turtle mani, I was inspired to do another junk food related design.  The McDonald's fries are probably the most iconic and have that unmistakably delicious smell, so I decided to paint that as the feature nail.

Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • Bundle Monster - Angelic White
  • Wet n Wild - Red Red
  • Sinful Colors - Let's Meet
  • Wet n Wild - Black Crème
Other Supplies:
  • French tip vinyls
  • Yellow crystals
  • Nail art brush
  • Base and top coats

This design is fairly easy to paint.  Here's how to create the look:
  1. Apply a white base color to all nails.
    White Nails
  2. Apply the French tip vinyls to all nails except the middle.
    French Tip Vinyls
  3. Paint the tips red, and immediately remove the vinyls.
    Red Tips
  4. Paint the French fries with a nail art brush.
    • Paint the fry box with red polish.
    • Paint the "M" aka "the golden arches," first in white.  This will help the yellow show up better over the red polish.
    • Go over the "M" with yellow polish.
    • Paint the fries in a mix of different heights.
    • Use black polish to paint the outline of the fries.
      McDonald's French Fry Nail Art
  5. Apply two yellow crystals in a vertical line close to the tip, to each of the remaining nails.  Seal on with a few coats of clear top coat.
    McDonald's Nail Art

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