July 25, 2014


Cat Nail Decals

Bundle Monster Nail Supplies
Cat nails!  This is a really quick design using water transfer nail decals and a nail stamp.  Originally I was going to do black nails with red cats, but I discovered that while the cat bodies are opaque enough to show up on the black, their tails were not.  The cats just didn't look the same without their tails, so I had to switch to white. 

Last month I won a prize pack from the Bundle Monster 30-day challenge.  The prize pack included stamping polishes, nail decals, nail tip decals, crystals, and some metal nail charms.  This is my first creating using my nail art supply winnings.  I can't wait to try the rest!
Nail Polish
Polish Used:
  • B.M.C. Creative Art Polish Collection - Crimson Red Nail Stamping Lacquers
  • B.M.C. Creative Art Polish Collection - Angelic White Nail Stamping Lacquers
Other Supplies:
  • Bundle Monster nail plate BM-410
  • Bundle Monster Water Transfer Nail Art - Felines and Bows
I've never used a polish that was specifically made for stamping, and I can really see the difference.  The polish stamps a lot thicker and cleaner.  I'm definitely sold on the idea that stamping polishes are better than regular polish.  To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors.  Paint the middle finger red, and the rest white.
  2. Cut out the desired water transfer decals, soak in water, then apply to each white nail. 
  3. Using nail plate BM-410, stamp the fish bone-like design with white polish onto the red nail.
Seal everything with some quick dry top coat and you are good to go.  Decals are a good way for nail art beginners to get started.

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