July 10, 2014

LV Love

LV Love
Today's mani is inspired by Louis Vuitton.  I saw these metal nail confetti sold by Bundle Monster, and the shapes reminded me of the shapes of the LV monogram.  Bundle Monster had a sale going on, so that was reason enough for me to buy them :)  Metal confetti looks fancy and really upgrades a look.#nailart

Nail Polish and Confetti

Polish Used:
  • Revlon Dark Pleasures - Talk Dirty
Other Supplies:
  • Bundle Monster Gold Metal Nail Confetti - 4 Petal Flowers and Hollow Squares

This is a VERY simple nail art option.  All it takes is applying some confetti to your nails.  Here's how to create the look:
  1. Apply a base color.  I'm using Talk Dirty by Revlon.  It is a deep, rich, chocolatey brown with a gold shimmer.  It is a good match for the Louis Vuitton leather.
  2. Apply the confetti - one hollow square and two 4 petal flowers per nail.  I chose this arrangement because that is how the LV monogram looks.  If you have longer nails, you can add more.  Note: It is helpful to bend the confetti a little so it fits to the curve of your nail better and the edges don't stick up.  Seal the confetti on with a few coats of clear top coat and you're good to go.  Be sure all the edges of the confetti are really sealed down or they'll catch and get pulled up.  That's it!  I told you it was easy.

Here is a closer shot of my nails so you can see the confetti better.

LV Love

LV Love


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