July 04, 2014

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Social media is critical in today's world.  Everyone is connected...figuratively through online connections, as well as literally connected to their phones that are in hand at all times.  No matter where you look, you can see someone looking at their phone - perusing Instagram, reading tweets, checking status updates on Facebook, etc.  We can't get enough!  So, I give you my social media nails :) #nailart

PinterestI just started a new Pinterest account specifically for Lacquered Lawyer.  Follow me to see new nail art creations posted on your Pinterest homepage.  You can also follow my personal account if you want to see older manis I haven't written tutorials for yet, or want to see all the glorious wonders I find on the internet. 
If you prefer Facebook, you're in luck!  You can 'LIKE' and follow the Lacquered Lawyer Facebook page.  Whenever I post something new, I share the link to the Facebook page so you'll see it in your news feed.

InstagramOr if just looking at pictures is your thing, you can also follow me on Instagram.  This is my personal account, so there are a mix of nail pics, photos of my parent's dog, flowers, and other random things.
For this mani, I decided to use an old trick of mine.  Back when I started doing nail art 15 years ago, there weren't a lot of nail decals.  Only the water transfer decals existed and they weren't that great.  So, I would create my own "decals," cutting logos and pictures out of magazines and affixing them on my nails.
Polish Used:
  • Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel - Autumn Spice
  • Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color - French White Crème
  • Wet N Wild Shine Nail Color - Black
  • Ulta - Sun-Sational
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Green with Envy
  • Ulta - Matte Top Coat
  • Other polish not shown: red, orange, yellow, dark green, blue, and purple
Other Supplies:
  • Icon magazine clippings
  • Dotting tools
  • Nail brush
  • Base and top coats
You'll need to find some social media icons.  Most catalogues will have them printed on one of the pages or the back cover.  I think I got mine off a Pottery Barn catalogue.  I added a Starbucks logo because I love coffee, coffee is very mainstream like social media, and you need caffeine to keep up with what's going on in the world.  I found the Starbucks logo in a magazine on an airplane.  They always have a lot of beverage logos on their drink page.
Once you find the logos you want, cut them out and save for later.  If the paper is stiff, curve the logos a little so they will fit better to the curve of your nail.  A flat logo on stiff paper will be harder to affix to the nail.  Here's how to create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors.  I chose Autumn Spice for the Starbucks nail because it is a dark, rich brown glitter polish that represents coffee well.  It is also a scented polish if you haven't tried those yet.  The rest of the fingers are white, black, yellow, and green.  I chose colors that complemented the logos well.
  2. Starbucks: Add another coat of Autumn Spice and place the logo on the nail in the wet polish.  Press down to make sure it is has full contact to the nail.  Seal on with top coat. 
  3. Twitter: Add another coat of white polish and affix the twitter bird. Using a dotting tool and a nail brush with blue paint, paint two music notes above the bird.  Try to find a blue polish that matches the color of the logo.  Seal with top coat.
  4. Instagram: Add a coat of black polish and affix the logo on the wet polish.  Coat with Matte Top Coat.  Once dry, use a dotting tool with regular clear top coat, to add some dots around the logo.  Use a nail brush to apply some regular clear top coat to the logo as well so that will be shiny and not matte.
  5. Facebook: Add another coat of yellow polish and affix the logo while the polish is still wet. Seal with top coat.
  6. Pinterest: Use a small dotting tool to create rows of dots in rainbow colors.  I started with a diagonal row of red.  Followed by orange, yellow, a darker green, and purple.  Then start over from red.  Once dry, cover with top coat and affix the Pinterest logo.  Seal with top coat.

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