July 14, 2014

Tropical Delight

Another tropical/pineapple nail.  I just can't help myself in the summer.  This one was inspired by a design I saw on Instragram by +elleandish // Janelle.  I changed it up a little, but I liked her color scheme and the pineapple nail and the blue and while stripe with the metal shell stud.

The color and theme also matched with my right hand, which was the Finding Nemo Nail, and I wanted both hands to be tropical/ocean for the Finding Nemo party.

Nail Polish

Polish Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Face the Facets
  • Icing - Laura's Fave
  • Sinful Colors - Bombshell
  • Wet n Wild - French White Crème
  • Orange and Green polish for pineapple details
Other Supplies:
  • Metal Shell Studs
  • Crystals
  • Gold Nail Tape
  • Base and top coats

To create this look:
  1. Apply the base colors.  Paint all nails, except the pinky, in white.  Paint the pinky with a bright aqua.  Here, I'm using Laura's Fave.  For the thumb, you could just paint it yellow from the start if you don't want to bother with the white base coat.  The Sinful Colors - Face the Facets, is a super glittery yellow.  You could probably get away without a layer of white underneath, but I always think yellow pops a little more if it is over a white base coat.
  2. Thumb: Apply a couple coats of Face the Facets, and a metal shell stud at the base of the nail.
  3. Index: Using a nail brush and Laura's Fave, paint thick aqua stripes, and place a metal shell stud at the base of the nail.
  4. Middle: To create the pineapple, first paint a large oval using Face the Facets and a nail brush.  Next, paint the stem of the pineapple with green polish.  Finally, paint orange crisscross lines for the pineapple markings.
    Pineapple Nail
  5. Ring: Paint half of the nail with 2 coats of Face the Facets.  Next, add a strip of gold nail tape down the center.  Then, add 9 clear crystals and 1 aqua one in the pattern in the photo.
  6. Pinky: Paint 3 coats of Bombshell to add some glitter, and place a metal shell stud at the base of the nail.
Seal all the shells on with a lot of top coat so they stay on.

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