September 27, 2014

My First Giveaway!

GiveawayHello dear followers! 

I'm running my first giveaway. :)  You'll notice the new 'Giveaway' tab above...that's where you can enter and find out all the details.  Here's the link too, just in case you are on a mobile devise:  Good luck! 


  1. I found you! I'm still learning how to use these blogs and stuff. Message on my favorite nail design would have to be beautiful hearts over white polish. Then glittering specks of gold or silver. I believe it shows the love in the woman who wears it.

    1. Hi HappyGrandma! I meant to comment on one of my design posts that you like, but I'll still count this. And I know you've commented on my other posts before. Be sure to follow me on Instagram...that's a required step of the giveaway.

  2. My nails pick will have to be Louboutin nails. Everything about them says class, something every woman desires to be. They are sophisticated and elegant and will give the woman who wears them confidence that she y all a woman is.


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