September 03, 2014

Pixie Pink

Pink nail art with iridescent studs

There are so many things to do with rhinestone studs.  I decided to keep this look a little simple to highlight the studs.  The light pink polish compliments the studs well, which have a magical iridescent quality that makes me think of fairies and mermaids.

Iridescent Rhinestone Studs
I received these black iridescent rhinestone studs from +Bundle Monster for an honest review.  They are 2mm in size, and are an iridescent mix of blue, purple, pink, and orange.  One thing I really love about the mixed iridescent colors is that it makes these studs very versatile.  There a lot of polish colors that match, so the possibilities are endless.  The dark color of the studs also adds a hint of edginess that I'm a huge fan of.  The studs look better if you do not put top coat over them since that hinders the faceted cuts.  However, if you like top coat for extra security to keep the studs from falling off, it does not affect the iridescent quality of the studs.
Nail polish, studs, and nail striping tape
Polish Used:
  • Maybelline Color Show - Pink Embrace
Other Supplies:

This mani is very easy and perfect for any nail art beginners.  There is no fancy painting involved, so as long as you can tape and glue, you are good to go.  To create this look:
  1. Apply a light pink base color.  Maybelline's Pink Embrace is a creamy light pink.  It is soft pastel that is more on the cool side of the color spectrum.
  2. Apply black nail tape in a crisscross pattern, leaving the ends at different lengths.
    Nail Tape
  3. Glue a rhinestone stud to each point where the tape crosses.
  4. Glue 3 vertical rhinestone studs to the bases of the remaining nails.
Pink stud nail art
Be sure to check out this product and more on Bundle Monster's website, and follow their social media for product release updates and some nail art inspiration.


  1. Hey, just wondering how does the honest review to rewards thing work? Do you sign up to give a review and they then send you nail stuff or is it like a specific selection made by them? By the way I love these nails!

    1. Thanks. As for becoming a product tester, some place have a sign up on their webpages (Bundle Monster and Born Pretty Store do). The companies will look at nail art you've created on Instagram or your blog or other social media, and decide whether to accept you into the program. Other companies might just spot you online and ask if you want to test products. I just started this, so I got to pick two products I wanted to try (within a price limit), and they sent it to me. I'm not sure as it goes forward, if sometimes there are specific products chosen by the companies that are sent. Hope that helps.


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